Why did we build Enhance?

Our Story

Enhance is a second-generation family business. Michael Bragulla initially worked in human resources with the federal government, designing strategic plans and policies to improve personnel and organizational readiness, training, and effectiveness for both military and civilian components.  

His initiatives were adopted and hailed as “The New Way Of Doing Business” in personnel management.  The success was so impactful that president George W. Bush awarded him the legion of merit for his work.

After serving the federal system for 23 years, Michael began working for private companies in several executive capacities, with a focus on assessing not only company performance but how human capital can be developed to more consistently contribute to the attainment of organizational goals and objectives.  He soon realized that most small and medium sized companies were at a disadvantage and their staff underserved due to the lack of essential HR services to those employees, as well as the perception of what HR actually does and how it contributes to the company’s bottom line.

It was evident after hundreds of surveys and assessments at most small businesses that both owner/operators and employees’ perceptions of human resources were simply on-boarding, payroll, benefits, and terminations. Although those are tasks and responsibilities of the HR functionality, they are not the drivers that provide the organization a ROI on labor expense, nor develop and promote the employer/employee relationship.  Put simply: The companies did not do optimal human capital performance and employees did not bring optimal job satisfaction and connectivity to the company.

Additionally, he realized that even though there were many HR professionals on the market, there were very few that had HR experience and education, as well as a strong business acumen, education and experience to develop the plans and policies necessary to tie an HR plan to the organization’s business plan and optimize outcomes. So, in 2009 he decided to create his own human capital consultancy.  The demand for his services have been beyond expectation, but more importantly: The results have been exceptional!


Thad Bragulla, CEO

Dr. Michael Bragulla

Michael began working for medical companies in their Human Resources department and determined the more prominent the organization was, the easier it was for them to lose that interpersonal connection with their staff. So he decided to go off on his own and rewrite how Human Resources is viewed after identifying long-term struggles and seized the opportunity to take this high-level structure and make it more scalable for small businesses in an underserving market.

His views on how people interact with human resource consultants and human resources employees, in general, played a massive part in this structure. He also understood employees, how employees are served, and how to protect employees from companies and vice versa.

His commitment to giving back and serving has been beneficial and lucrative for small businesses that have welcomed his structure and processes. As a result, he changed their culture and got them compliant to grow their business.

Enhance is born to carry out this legacy, Michael’s legacy, through his son Thad.


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    Discover how much you will Enhance your business with one of our HR Consultants

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