Our Approach

Stage 1:

Discovery (Before moving on to the next stage the following must be met; 1. Answers to the discovery questions, 2. Understand Customer’s current HR structure 3. Understand customer’s goals and company operative dynamics)

  • Identify customer anchors/needs through discovery meeting
  • Visual Presentation to educate customer on HR offerings

Stage 2:

Validation (Before moving on to the next stage the following must be met; 1. The customer must be able to articulate motivation in moving forward with Enhance HR and Business Solutions, 2. Articulate success criteria with the customer, 3. Identify the current metrics being met to be able to compare with future success)

  • Baseline metric meeting (Meeting to discuss the outcome the customer wants to see when contracting with Enhance HR and Business Solutions)
  • Peer – to – Peer testimonial

Stage 3:

Contracting (Before moving on to the next stage the following must be met; 1. Customer can articulate the value add Enhance HR and Business Solutions will provide, 2. Signed contract commitment 3. Success criteria is understood and able to be articulated)

  • Commitment Sharing – Both Parties agree on their responsibilities to ensure a successful business outcome
  • Sign Contract

Stage 4:

Execution (Before transitioning to the next stage the customer’s original needs/goals have been met)

  • Customer Support
  • Enhance check-in meetings – these meetings are to ensure customer satisfaction by reviewing KPI reports and keeping an open line of communication. Each meeting will result in actionable tasks with each direct responsible individual noted.

Stage 5:

Pivot (Before transitioning onto the next stage the customer can clearly articulate the value Enhance HR and Business Solution brings to their human capital and business. New areas of service are identified.)

  • Data Support (Report that compares Enhance HR and Business solutions results compared to baseline metrics)
  • Re-enter in sales pathway

Our Benefits

Strategic HR Management

Our revolutionary corporate culture methods will increase your company’s productivity and improve client loyalty. We also focus on your company objectives, plan for potential problems and effectively manage and carry out strategic plans.

Employee Engagement & Labor Relations

Fostering a healthy office culture has proven to increase organizational commitment and employee Motivation. It is the most successful way to retain your employees and grow your revenue while focusing on your organization’s goals.

Talent Acquisition & Retention

Companies work hard to attract the most remarkable talent for key positions so that they may train and shape them into future company leaders. However, retention is just as crucial because hiring fantastic talent is just the beginning. We assist you in both processes.

Business Consulting

Our business-savvy, expert skills and influence allow you to save time and money. Also, our objectivity allows us to quickly identify and address challenges and tailor our solutions according to your business’s needs.

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