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 Improve the effectiveness of your company and the people and teams that staff it.

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HR Development

  • Manage employee training requirements (Professional Development, etc.) and handle all registrations and training management plans and programs.
  • Ensure HR programs are compliant with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations.
  • Conduct HR needs assessment.
  • Develop and select training programs and evaluate their effectiveness.
  • Develop and evaluate performance appraisal processes.
  • Train supervisors in leadership and mentoring.

Risk Management

  • Develop workplace health and safety policies and procedures.
  • Assess the organization’s safety needs.
  • Post-OSHA 300 Log every February.
  • Conduct monthly safety inspections and safety programs per industry standards.
  • Develop and implement plans and policies to protect employees and minimize the organization’s loss and liability.
  • Maintain OSHA record-keeping requirements.
  • Conduct accident investigations and complete injury reports.
  • Design workplace violence zero-tolerance policy.
  • Assist in processing worker’s compensation claims.
  • Conduct an annual assessment of potential workplace hazards as required by law.
  • Design organizational safety manual.
  • Review security management procedures.

We help you align your employee’s personal and professional growth and development with your company’s goals and minimize and contain the negative effects of a company’s financial and physical threats. Instead, we assist you in managing and reducing the risk brought on by a worker shortage, their disinterest in their jobs, and various other problems.

Discover how much you will Enhance your business with one of our HR Consultants!

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    Discover how much you will Enhance your business with one of our HR Consultants

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