HR and Data Analytics

Informed and data-driven decision-making by analyzing the answer to critical questions about your company and its employees.

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Strategic HR Management

  • Interpret information from internal & external sources to monitor the business environment, industry practices, technology development, workforce availability, quality, demographics, and diversity, to develop the HR – — Plan for competitive advantage.
  • Develop business relationships/alliances with vendors, agents, brokers, and representatives.
  • Develop and utilize matrices to evaluate HR contribution to achieving organizational goals and objectives.
  • Develop and execute strategies for organizational change as required.
  • Align human capital with the organization’s strategic plan.
  • Develop policies and procedures to support governance.
  • Conduct job analysis to create job descriptions and job competencies-ADA compliant.
  • Establish hiring criteria.

Maintain HRIS Database.

  • Develop and enhance organizational culture.
  • Manage downsizing and coordinate outplacement services.
  • Negotiate organizational P&C, Worker’s Compensation, EPLI, Professional Liability, and other business-related insurance plans.
  • Monitor Federal legislation for employment-related tax breaks and incentives, i.e., HIRE Act.
  • Organizational Culture Development:
  • Inclusion and diversity development
  • Ensure compensation and benefits programs are compliant and value –added to employees
  • Conduct benefit needs assessment.
  • Conduct and analyze annual employee survey
  • Design and administer an Employee Engagement & Rewards Program
  • Serve as the conscience of the organization.

Data can help you identify areas where your employees need to reskill or upskill, as well as whether they are taking advantage of training opportunities and whether the training applies to their needs. We assist you in the establishment of relevant learning and development programs that upskill and reskill your workforce, improve performance, meet corporate objectives, and conserve time and resources.

Discover how much you will Enhance your business with one of our HR Consultants!

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    Discover how much you will Enhance your business with one of our HR Consultants

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